Puddle Jumping

Close up of young girl jumping into a puddle making a big splash

IT RAINED! For the first time in seemingly forever, it has rained on the farm.

This has been a long time coming. Our last rainy day according to the Bureau of Meteorology was Tuesday, 4 November. Before that it was the end of September. It just doesn’t rain anymore.

Except for today. Today it rained.

It rained this morning. About 7mm worth. Then it stopped.

When it stopped I feared the worst. That the weatherman had sold us out again. But he did not. Good weatherman.

This evening it rained. A lot.

On her way to find puddles. (Image: Matthew Hatton)

Someone down the road has an internet-connected weather station on their property. It’s useful for comparing the situation closer to us compared to what the Bureau records at the nearest official weather station a few kilometres north of us at the bottom of the hill in Camden.

Today that weather station is saying that 40.13mm of rain has fallen on the farm.

That’s more than I can remember falling in one day since the first summer after we moved to the farm. That summer, the thunderstorms dumped so much rain in so little time it was not uncommon for it to start raining indoors as the guttering was overwhelmed and the crack in one of the window fittings decided to make itself known.

“Oh this is a BIG PUDDLE!” (Image: Matthew Hatton)

Of course, after the rain, comes the jumping in puddles. There is a certain three-year old up here that loves jumping in puddles.

Over the course of her life, she has not had too many opportunities to jump in puddles, so the chances must be maximised when they do appear.

And maximise her chances she did. Just look at that smile.

The Bureau is bolshy about the probability of more rain tomorrow, the weekend and into next week. Hopefully they’re right. Some more of this would be most welcome not just here, but in places doing much, much tougher.

The happiness is just about exploding out of her. (Image: Matthew Hatton)
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