Guesting on The Balls Podcast

An irregular guest appearance on the The Balls Podcast.

I will not say much because, as it is a podcast, you can just listen to it.

We covered, according to the show notes:

“When life gives you Le Mans, make a MOTORSPORTNERDPOD. With Beeso missing up the coast presumed paralytic on shed whisky in the tray of someone’s Hilux, for the first time in a long time* we welcome Matt H back to the show to talk the might and majesty of brum brums. Also: topiary, pink pigs, not being on the internet, a good year for a bad year, old mate Colin, superseasons and hypercars, not wanting to go to Florida, the Puff Daddy of international motorsport, minty fresh Alpines, workplacebullyingDumbreck’s flip revisited, German skateboards, Hindy is loud wrong, Pruett & Goodwin’s week in sportscars, not social distancing in Ohio, moody on twitter, bringing back V10s, punishing housemates who should have moved out a year ago, born to be mild, Supercars without cars, Excellent ratings, tfw the women’s national team shirt does not come in women’s sizes, is doing bad Guido Hatzis knockoffs now cultural appropriation, the decline of professional televised sports as entertainment, too old to stay up for live F1, violence and stupidity, Covid business plans, in defence of Pants Troll, failed brand equity metaphors, Danny McRic, career Oconman, flat track bullies, not quite right and not quite ready, careful what you wish for, bringing Formula E to Newy, cooked with gas, the bad Toyota, the Buemi and Brendan Show, undermining the premise, tyre-limited racing, Marquey Marc seeks a second opinion, vive la difference, everything happens so much, championships don’t matter, (not) working from home, Lakey Mayfield, inexplicable levels of Browns-Bengals analysis, what’s American for jandals, win-win situations, the only man in Australasia who actively wants to move to the US, bashing down a French autoroute at 2am in someone else’s puddle, three times a Renault, Lewis the GOAT, old man cool, ultimate mic drops, keep getting them cheques, taking the Mick, that whole eSeries thing that briefly mattered earlier this year, forgetting to leave, ancient baggage, treating iRacing with the lack of respect it deserves and hyperpole hyperbole.”

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