2019 Land Rover Discovery Sport Review (Client: The Redline)

Land Rover Discovery Sport in Gearie, NSW

Is the Land Rover Discovery Sport the car to haul the family on a Easter road trip?

The first rule of journalism is to not make the story about the person writing it. Of course, when you are reviewing a car to see how it handles hauling the family across a decent chunk of New South Wales on an Easter road trip, you can’t but make it personal.

Which is probably the point of a review, come to think of it.


The Redline provided the opportunity for me to – if I may borrow a deeply overused phrase by people in my position – spin a yarn about what 2019 version of the Land Rover Discovery Sport was like to drive from Sydney to Dubbo and back fully laden with a long weekend’s worth of luggage for three people…as well as three people, one of which was a two-year old (at the time) toddler.

Our story begins in Sydney, then travels across the Blue Mountains to Bathurst, then the back way to Dubbo because satnav is weird. After Dubbo we visited Parkes before winding our way south to Goulburn along back roads of varying quality, before we found the Hume Highway and headed back for home.