2018 BMW i3S (Client: The Redline)

Front 3/3 view of the BMW i3S electric hatchback taken on a boat ramp. In the background are the pylons for a motorway bridge.

Taking BMW’s electric hatchback down to the river at twilight for these Redline photos.

The BMW i3S is a city car. But we didn’t take these photos in the city because that’s being a bit obvious.

Instead it was twilight, some water and a rather large concrete bridge.

Back of the BMW i3S showing a reflection of a bridge.
Industrial design meets civil engineering. (Image: Matthew Hatton/The Redline)

It’s a nice contrast.

The thing about the i3S is that it isn’t shy about telling you it’s from the future.

The inside is basically ripped straight from an upmarket furniture store’s catalogue. You know those trendy couple friends you have? The ones that live in the really nice inner-city apartment where everything can be described as either bespoke or artisanal? Being inside the i3S is like sitting in their living room.

Contemporary furniture store display or business end of a city rundabout? BMW says “why don’t we have both?” (Image: Matthew Hatton/The Redline)

Outside, the design of the i3S tends to polarise. I quite like its lines, the upright stance and the stumpy front end. Others do not.

The rear “suicide” doors making getting in and out easy. You will absolutely forget that you need to close the rear door before the front and wince at the jarring bang that arrives as a result.

There’s a bit of a gallery below, but you should really head over to The Redline for the detailed look.