The Newcastle 500: Pre-Race Thought Crimes

Looking south across Newcastle Beach, the Supercars race track running alongside

Before the Newcastle 500 first turned a wheel in anger, I was displeased with the ideas presented by those in charge of the event.

I wrote a fair bit about the Newcastle 500 Supercars race in the time between it being first announced and the event’s first running some 18 months later.

With the event now three years old and not looking like it is going to move anywhere else in a hurry, I did not see a lot of point in spending the time fully converting those old posts to the new format made as part of the website redesign I have just recently undertaken.

That said, I am not going to deny history, and I still believe the Nobby’s Beach circuit is not conducive to good racing. But then, neither is the Supercars series as a whole anymore.

Presented here are screenshots of the four main posts I wrote over the course of a few months following the event’s announcement and the finalising of the circuit’s layout.