About Matthew

Matthew lives in Sydney, having grown up in Newcastle. He makes things.

What sort of things?

Matt does words, and he also does video.

He doesn’t do words often, but he has appeared in Delimiter and also theredline.com.au. He’s also written copy for the University of Newcastle and its student magazine Yak. He edited the latter for 12 months in 2012.

More recently, his words have appeared on CarsGuide.com.au. You can read those words here.

It goes without saying his words also appear on this particular website.

As mentioned, Matt also does videos.

He did some while he was at uni, and now he does a lot of them for CarsGuide.com.au.

Matt can shoot, produce, direct, edit, colour and apply motion graphics.

If you’d like to get in touch with him you can via this email address, or this Twitter account. For a more detailed look at his CV you can check out his LinkedIn profile here (and even join his professional network on said website).

You can check out some of his work below in these videos which he produced, shot, directed, edited, and did all the other post-production work.

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