About Matthew

Matthew is a photographer, writer and (more recently) a part-time stay-at-home Dad.

In June 2018, Matt struck out on his own and started Matthew Hatton Photography where he takes photos of cars, people, and sunsets. Although the sunsets thing is more for himself than anything.

Before that he used to work for CarsGuide making videos, producing podcasts and writing the odd weird article about race tracks on Google Earth or that time someone decided it was a good idea to glue diamonds to F1 cars. On a more serious note, he did actually write quite a lot of normal stuff about normal cars as well.

And before that he completed a Bachelor of Communication at the University of Newcastle where he majored in journalism. He’s unsure whether or not he’ll ever put that major to use, but it’s nice to have.

While he was at uni he edited the student magazine, Yak, while also writing stuff for it. His words have also appeared in places like The Redline, where he wrote about sports car racing, and Delimiter, where he opined about the NBN and technology.

These days, he doesn’t write so much. But with a bit more time on his hands, that might change.

You can find Matthew Hatton Photography at <www.mjhphoto.com.au>, where there’s also a page you can use to contact him if you’d like. There’s also a Facebook page and an Instagram account.

Elsewhere, he tweets professionally from @mattjhatton and less professionally from @bernietb.

If, for whatever reason, you’d like to join his professional network on LinkedIn, his profile is here.

Anyway, here are some photos he’s taken recently so you can see what he gets up to.

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