The Newcastle Supercars street circuit is changing. Of course

The first of the most obvious things to occur in the design of the Newcastle Supercars street circuit has happened. They’re changing the circuit layout. Reported by The Newcastle Herald on Thursday, the track will no longer bisect Pacific Park, in Newcastle’s east end. The reason given, according to Supercars spokesman Nick Johnston, was that […]

The Newcastle Supercars circuit is a bad idea

NSW Premier Mike Baird and Virgin Australia Supercars Championship (VASC) CEO James Warburton today confirmed that Newcastle would be hosting the final race of the domestic touring car season for at least five years starting in 2017. Messers Baird and Warburton also confirmed that they intend the race to be run on a street circuit […]

Unpaid internships can fuck right off

If you want people to come and work for you, paying them for that work should really go without saying. Unpaid internships — occasionally billed as “work experience” or “an opportunity for exposure, or other similar words — are a cancer that needs to be removed from the Australian work landscape. It’s really quite simple. […]

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