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Why Does Twitter Want You to Eat Tide Pods?

Yes, this is absolutely a piece about getting banned from Twitter, which is very 2014 of me. But here we are. It started, as you might expect, with notable abject failure-cum-racist Mark Latham. A person who’s list of achievements started and ended at once wearing a dirty polo shirt and oversized shorts to the Prime […]

WWDC Things No One Is Talking About

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference started on Tuesday morning Australian time. As ever, the Senior Vice Presidents of Everything got together and for over two hours presented new things that would be coming the fruit company’s devices over the next 12 months. As tends to be the case every time Apple does this, all the […]

What Even Are Power Dynamics?

Two things recently caught my attention that are different, but descendent from the same basic principle. The first was occurred a couple of mornings ago, as I was watching the ABC’S News Breakfast program before I left for work. They were interviewing former Managing Director Mark Scott about his forthcoming book. The book seemed to […]

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