I Need A Better Running Headline For These Posts

The last six months have been A Ride, but once again I find myself on the cusp of change. FUN!

I started this post realising that I’d missed the biennial renewal date for all the things associated with this garbage webpage (both the domain and the hosting). So that was fun. Go to open up the backend of WordPress only to be told that it suddenly doesn’t exist. It did yesterday.

Turns out the domain expired overnight. Thankfully, I’m not exactly what you’d call popular, so the ability to exploit my name for money is non-existent.

$20 later and I’m now waiting for the DNS to be sent across the internet again so that I can find my things. If you’re reading this, it worked.

Anyway, the point.

In August 2018, I wrote about how I had left CarsGuide – a job I’d held for nearly four years – to try my hand at being a freelancer and spend some time focussing on taking care of Bub as she rapidly approached her second birthday.

Now, in mid-January, we have the results and I’m batting at a solid .500.

Taking care of Bub is great. We’ve done park trips, swimming lessons, more swimming, an absolute truckload of babycinos, trips to the shops, watched movies at home and just generally enjoyed spending time together. It has been awesome, and I wish it could continue.

But that brings us to the second part.

Turns out I am absolutely rubbish at running my own business.

Well maybe that’s not entirely true. I can take photos and I was good at staying on top of my invoices. The problem was I was crap at going out to find clients and opportunities to sell myself so I could get work and generate more invoices.

Talking yourself up as a professional and someone that can do a good job in their chosen field sucks. I hate talking about myself. And before you start, yes I am fully aware that it can take a lot to get me to shut up but we’re not talking about having opinions on how Formula 1 is mind-numbingly tedious or why the Marsh Brothers with their elite lineage are the modern Twatto except now there’s two of them.

I’m talking about creating a picture of myself that’s desirable to the point that people would like to give me money on a freelance basis in exchange for my skills and labour. I hate that. A lot.

Which brings us to the ironic part of the whole thing.

I know I have to do exactly that because I’m looking to go back to an Actual Job. Cover letters, resume, politely worded emails that ask if you, dear business owner (or more likely recruitment algorithm) would please do me the favour of giving me a job because if I have to spend months doing this it’s quite possible I’m going to end up in an institution that specialises in having really soft walls.

Hopefully it won’t end up like. Hopefully the next update in this ongoing saga is an announcement of my commencing a new position doing something fun for a reasonable amount of money.

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