So where the bloody hell am I now?

It was just about four years ago when I wrote this post about getting my first job post-university. It was a CarsGuide. I started off as an content publisher (basically copy and pasting stuff into the CMS, attaching images and all that associated nonsense) and news writer.

Over the ensuing years, my role expanded to encompass actually managing a fair amount of the stuff on the CMS (which, when you’re working with cars isn’t often as straight forward as you might think), setting up and leading the in-house video department, developing and producing podcasts, while occasionally still writing things which got progressively weirder as time went on culminating in a far-too-long a piece about the diamond-nosed Jaguar F1 cars from 2004. Because that’s the sort of stuff I’m in to.

At the start of June, I left CarsGuide. It was time for a change.

The family made the decision to leave the suburbs and the rat-race into the city for the country, Erin would return to full-time work and I would get to spend some more time with Bub.

Moving to the country involved taking up residence in a shed next door to Erin’s parents. It’s a nice shed, with three bedrooms, approximately 8 TV outlets in every room, power points (electricity, not the Microsoft kind) in the most inconvenient of places, and it runs off tank water. Which is great when the next scheduled rain shower is sometime around 2335, if at all. They’re right, climate change is a hoax.

Getting more time with Bub has involved trying to remember if you’ve packed the 56 tonnes of stuff you need to bring with you for a trip down to the shops and patiently explaining why she can’t push the trolley she’s sitting in, Dad has to do it.

But I digress.

Erin returning to work has afforded me the opportunity to try my hand at something new. And that something new is starting up a freelance photography business.

It even has a website: And there’s a Twitter account and an Instagram and a Facebook thing. Because I’m all about the social media.

So if you need photos taken for….anything, really, hit me up. Contact details are on the site or you can find me in the usual places.

You never know, I might actually start using this website for something again. Just need to wait for the nbn(tm) to be installed (lol).

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