Newcastle 500: Can you just stop

Just a short post because this has been covered to death already, but Newcastle Council is seeking to change the layout of the Supercars track in the east end of the city.

The proposal is to send the circuit along Shortland Esplanade from Newcastle Beach all the way around to Nobbys Beach. It is possibly the only thing remaining to make the circuit as bad for racing as you could possibly get.

Why? Because instead of moving the race to a location on the harbour that would make more sense, everyone really, really wants the race to be as pretty as possible for TV but not bother with actually making something that appeals to people that like watching car racing, not just parades at speeds slightly above the speed limit.

The main reason why the Shortland Esplanade plan won’t work for a Supercars race is the whole section of road would be fast, flowing and exceptionally narrow.

Plus, once you put the barriers in, there will be absolutely nowhere for spectators at the event to move around there and watch the cars. As was noted on Twitter, the final sweeping left before Nobbys Beach looks very similar to a particularly awful section of the now-defunct Canberra 400 course, which raced around Old Parliament House.

It would be nice if, for once, people involved in bringing something like this to Newcastle were doing it because it would be a good event, not just a couple of pretty TV pictures.

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