So where the bloody hell am I?

I know, I know.

It’s been a very long time – quite some months – since I put anything up on here.

There is a reason for that, and one that isn’t laziness…mostly.

The start of this year brought with it my final semester of tertiary study. After making the jump in 2011 to go to university on a full time basis I finally finished.

My graduation was not all that long ago, actually; just at the start of October.

Shockingly – quite shockingly – I actually did work this semester. It’s amazing what happens when you actually apply yourself to what you’re doing, and don’t just skim through with the notion that you’re actually pretty clever and don’t need to work.

That got me pass marks, and a couple of credits. My final semester was all HDs. I do’nt mean to gloat, but I was pretty stoked with that. Actual application of brain yields results. If only that lesson had sunk in sooner, eh?

Anyway there was that. What followed was the post-university job hunt. That desperate quest to prove to yourself that what you’ve spent the last few years doing was not in vein and will set you on the path to doing the things you want to be doing.

Job hunting is a depressingly unpleasant experience.

“Hello there faceless HR person, I’m a smart chap with a sparkling personality not a single character flaw to be seen that would think it ever so sporting if you would allow me to throw myself on my knees in front of you and beg for the opportunity to work long hours doing menial tasks and be paid in something that might have once resembled Australian dollars. What do you say?”

Often the answer would be a polite “no, thanks”. The majority of the time there wouldn’t even be an answer.

You’re left to wonder if anyone actually bothered to read your grammatically immaculate grovelling or if it was printed out then run straight through the shredder. I imagine the latter. HR people seem like the type to have a machine with that function.

So that wasn’t fun.

Then there was dealing with Centrelink. Holy moly.

I will say however, that every time I got to deal with an actual person, they were lovely and helpful and sorted me out. The system it self, on the other hand, makes you want to get intimately acquainted with the business end of a semi-automatic weapon.

I filled out approximately a novella’s worth of forms just to transfer from my student payment to The Dole. I haven’t experienced it, but I’m sure getting a catheda run up my urethra would have been more enjoyable.

Declare this! Do you have one of these? Sorry, you’re a what? You live where? How many shirts do you own?

You can fill out this form online, except this one section which must be chiseled into a stone tablet and handed to the high priest on the second Tuesday before Lent when the sun is just between the two trees on the eastern side of Crete.

Thankfully, this experience was short lived.

I finished my coursework in June and at the end of August the stars aligned. All those writing all those job applications that were instantly shredded paid dividends because someone eventually read one, liked it, and decided to offer me a job.

So all day now I sub-edit the words of other people – and sometimes write my own – crop photos so they fit the odd confines of our CMS, and sit around waiting for videos to encode amongst other things.

The job is good – I’m really enjoying it. The only downside is that it’s in Sydney while I and still living in Newcastle.

So I have become intimately equated with the Newcastle to Sydney train, affectionately known as the Shitkansen. Come the new year, I will be reevaluating my living arrangements, that’s for sure.

So that’s where I’ve been. Fun, eh?

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