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So here’s what happened.

Something quite catastrophic happened to my old site and it stopped functioning.

This was more than a little sad, as that site had collected by various ramblings since February 2010. From memory, the only thing that I have been doing longer has been Twitter, in which I have used the same account since July 2008. So as you can imagine, I am more than a little upset about the complete failure of my old site.

However, there is something of a silver lining to this. As the site had been in frequent(ish) use for so long, it was a rather large jumble of totally random shit that I had written. ┬áSome of it good, some of it bad, the vast majority of it not worth the time I spent putting the words together. The management of the data contained within the site was…not well done. Mostly because I’d just jumped in and started banging away the moment the DNS had propagated and I could access the things I needed to.

So I’ve decided to salt the earth, as it were. I do have a backup of the old site, and eventually selected parts of it will see the light of day again, but I’ve decided to go for a complete do-over and start again with the idea that I am going to be a little more sensible about how I operate things.

So, hurrah, or something I guess.